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“You know how it’s hard to get into national publications like NBC, CBS, ABC, & Fox so you can become a celebrity in your field of expertise?

I solve this.

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Shawn wants to live in a world filled with wantrepreneurs and entrepreneurs where he can inspire others while enjoying their stories of turning failure in to success.

As a business coach, author and publisher, he’s been spotlighted Americas Premier Experts, honored by National Academy of Best-Selling Authors, and Shawn’s work has been shared on prestigious blogs like, CarolRoth.Com &, Examiner.Com. Shawn have also appeared on prestigious podcast Tropical Entrepreneur. Shawn’s publishing company have produced over half dozen bestsellers.

When he’s not coaching, writing or creating courses to help small business owners getting published to promote themselves and their businesses, you can find him listening to a podcast or an audiobook.

His latest creation, Get Published Get Noticed book with free online coaching program hits the market by this winter.

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