Get-Published-Get-Noticed Author Means Authority!™ Your Book is Your Expanded Business Card!



Book Summary:
Author Means Authority! ™
Your Book is Your Expanded Business Card!

For those who have ever thought about publishing or who want to take their career into a new direction, this book is for you.
You will walk through what publishing is, and what it means in this day and age. You will see firsthand what the various types of publishing are, and how to pick the one that is right for you. Though there is a certain “how to” element within this book, you will also gain personal experience and insight that makes it relatable. You will feel inspired and ready to take on this pivotal next step in your career.

This book is written for “non-writers” who are interested in one or more of the following in their life and their professional achievements.

Author Shawn Chhabra provides free support at

This book is for those who want to or need help with:
• Achieving Instant Expert, Celebrity, and Hero Status
• Build More Credibility
• Develop Your Business Further
• Develop More Or Add New Leads, attract new clients.
• Charging Premium Rates From New And Even Existing Clients
• More Coaching, Consulting and Speaking Opportunities
• Earn More Respect, …
• …The Possibilities Are Endless
Major Benefits To Publishing
• You can use your book as a powerful business card (Foot in the Door Strategy)
• Book sales can bring passive income (marketing the book actively
• Constant supply of hot leads (using book with opt in strategies
• More coaching and speaking gigs
• “PR”- lots of exposure to your business
• You are a local hero (lot more local leads
• Your Mom and Dad (and whole town) will be proud of you
• Your name will rule Google Searches: Try to Google Author’s name, Shawn Chhabra, and see the proof. PROSPECTS WILL FIND YOU AND HIRE YOU!

Shawn Chhabra offers these following publishing options:
DIY: The book Get Published Get Noticed provides all the necessary information about deciding if book publishing is for you or not, what topic to write, and how to self-publish. The book also provides all the resources for promoting your book and also walks you through the process of using your book to promote you and your business. If you are not interested in writing a book yourself…. Then DFY service is perfect for you.

DFY: Shawn Chhabra introduces Done-For-You authoring and publishing service. You only have to be involved in brain storming and the idea creation level and the rest is done by ghost writers and publishing team. You just enjoy profits from your published book.

80/20 Hybrid System: Shawn Chhabra’s Get Published Get Noticed book introduces this innovation in publishing by applying the popular 80/20 Rule. You will be responsible for coming up with the book idea, table of contents and introductory part of the book and the rest of the work will be completed by a seasoned ghost writer under your supervision.

Get Published Get Noticed book introduces 4 Step Book Creation System:
1. Decide
2. Write (Package – if DFY)
3. Publish
4. Profit
Step 1: Decide – will walk you through the process of deciding why to write, what to write and all other related topic and keyword research.
Step 2: Write (Package) – For DIY – you will learn how to create content quickly and efficiently. For DFY – the process is simpler as the book is being created from the content created by the ghost writers.
Step 3: Publish – This step outlines all the details about publishing through Amazon or through other publishers. Shawn Chhabra provides additional resources from account creation to keyword, title and book cover creation (blueprint) though his website page at

Step 4: Profit – This step demonstrates how to use your book to get media citation as well as hot fresh leads. This step also illustrates the opportunity to convert your book into a business in itself.

Author of this book, Shawn Chhabra is a Serial Entrepreneur, Bestselling Author, Book Coach and Business Guru.
You can contact Shawn at